Getting back to sort of normal...

2021 was a good year! I suppose not everyone would agree with that statement, but for lots of couples who had to put off getting married in 2020, it was a really good year. It was really fun to photograph these celebrations because you could really feel and see the relief that these couples felt to finally get married and celebrate. It was cathartic and that made for some really nice moments (IRL and in photos!)

It was a fun year for me personally because I made the switch to Canon mirrorless cameras, which are incredibly fast, accurate and quiet. No single piece of technology has ever changed the way I work as much as these cameras. They can focus and track people's faces, shoot as fast as 20 fames per-second and do it so quietly! The other really nice thing is they write to two separate memory cards simultaneously so I have an instant back-up of every image that I make.

Shout out to the great venues pictured here...

Guests throw rice as the bride and groom walk through them
A fun image of the bride and groom seated back to back, passing each others' shoes, as part of a game
A tender moment in soft light with the bride in the groom's arms, with a colorful bouquet
The bride and groom walk through the church pews, newly wed
The bride walks holding her dress in her arm as the groom holds an umbrella overhead
The bride and groom order an ice cream cone in their gown and suit Northfield Creamee Massachusetts
The groom dips the happy bride as they share a dance
A low, wispy bun and sparkly barrette on the bride
The bride smiles as her parents look on while she gets ready for her wedding day
The father of the bride guides her through green hedges to the altar
A shot from behind as the father of the bride guides her through green hedges to the altar
The bride and groom kiss under a white slotted pagoda with a wide green view behind them
A black and white image of young girls running up to hug the bride
A white wedding cake with sage green leaves and sparkling details, cupcakes, and cookies
A sweet moment with the bride and her bridesmaid, dressed in pink, dancing together at the reception
The groom smiles while dancing with his mother, dressed in grey, off-the-shoulder dress
The father, dressed in decorated military garb, and the mother, begin to walk their daughter down the aisle
The bridal party stands on the edge of a hilltop, with a white pagoda decorated with purple ribbon
The bride shares a song at the altar, with accordion accompaniment
The bride and groom, and other happy couples, on the dance floor
A woman in an orange dress lights up the dance floor at the reception
A black and white image of a mother placing the boutonniere on the groom
The bride looks contemplative as she glances out of the window of a beautiful historical room holding her bouquet
The bride and groom walk together through the aisle of guests surrounded by greenery
A cropped image showcasing a gorgeous colorful bridal bouquet with a white lace dress
A bride stands with her white lace dress along a grove of trees, holding her bouquet
The bride and room catch a ride on the back of a golf cart, as little dogs chase behind them playfully
The bride in the middle, and colorful bridesmaids on either side in front of barn siding
The groom, in suspenders, lifts his baby boy, in a seemingly matching outfit, in a large room with gold round lighting
Brightly lit room with multiple dimensions including natural wicker table and chair sets for the reception
The bride and groom look into each other's eyes under a simple white birch pagoda with sunflower accents
The bride and groom hold their hands up high while walking down the aisle, newly hitched
A beautiful moment under a large tree on the edge of a field where bride and groom hold hands and smile at each other
Guests sit on old wine barrels and low wooden chairs in a field during the reception
The bride and groom surprise their guests with music. The bride plays keys, groom plays the guitar and sings
The bride shares a big laugh as she is lifted on a chair around the room
The bride and her sister cross arms and hold hands while dancing at the reception
Sticks with marshmallows toasting over a round metal fire pit
The groom and his groomsmen getting ready for the big day. White shirts and blue ties
Delicate centerpiece with a slice of a log topped with antique glass vases, sparse flowers, table number display
The bride and her bridesmaids stand in front of the wooden pagoda with sunflowers, in a green meadow
The bride and groom stand in front of the wooden pagoda with sunflowers, in a green meadow
The bride and groom look back over their shoulders in rolling green hills
People dancing in celebration with their hands up at the reception
The bride and groom hold hands in the foreground as their bridal party is in the distance
The bride and groom share a sweet moment as they touch their foreheads together during a slow dance
The bride fixes her father's suit as they get ready for the ceremony. Dresses hang behind them on the wall
The bride looks up smiling in appreciation as her bridesmaid straps her white high heel shoes
The bride and groom share a moment looking into each other's eyes on a long wooden boardwalk
The bride pulls out a small book to share thoughts with the groom on a boardwalk on their wedding day
The groomsman jubilantly tosses white flower petals overhead to welcome the couple
The bride and groom hold hands after getting hitched under a wooden gazebo
The bride shows off her ring in celebration, mouth open smiling surrounded by guests
The bride and groom in the right foreground dance together in a tender moment while guests look on from their tables
A dessert spread that includes a buttercream frosted cake with a gold topper, and silver trays of cupcakes
The bride and groom on a beautiful natural bridge with trees over a river at Tourists Welcome North Adams, Massachusetts
MASSMoCA large letters on top of an industrial building, with a blue sky and white clouds, and a car out front
The bride and groom, dressed in white and navy blue, stand in stark contrast to colorful art museum painting MASSMoCA
The bride and groom stand by tall white columns while sharing a smile -entrance to MASSMoCA North Adams, Massachusetts
A colorful painted arch like a rainbow, with the. bride and groom holding hands and smiling at each other MASSMoCA
The bride and groom, walking into their reception giddy and newly married at MASSMoCA North Adams, Massachusetts
The bride and groom walk hand and hand, away from the camera, over an industrial bridge with brick buildings MASSMoCA
An overhead view of guests enjoying their wedding reception dinner at MASSMoCA North Adams, Massachusetts. Long table
The groom dips the bride on the dance floor. white dress and blue suit. happy guests looking on MASSMoCA North Adams
Faded antique green lamps with beige fringe, and a round brass mirror with a view of the wedding dress in window
A leather pouch marked C&C and wedding rings on a table
The bride stands in her dress, to the right of a tall white column
The bride and groom holding hands, walking away from the camera down a grassy path
An overhead view of two colorful drinks, icy and peach,  with sliced citrus on top
The bride looks out the window in a cabin, surrounded by her bridesmaids in pale blue
The bride and groom hold hands, with their arms up, in rejoice, smiling while walking down the aisle
The bride looks at her groom, and gives a light smile, with the minister in the middle
A tall room with large windows, candelabras, white chiffon curtains, and the bride and groom dancing
The wedding reception is a real party!  Everyone has their hands up, under the twinkling lights and the night sky
A circle of people showcasing their best dance moves
An eye-catching orange, pink, and peach bouquet, standing alone in a glass vase with a white faded background
Two wedding rings, one slightly on top of the other, on a white countertop. Black and white image
The white lace back of the bride, with a woman clasping her delicate buttons, while looking in the miror
The bride and groom roll in in style with a beefed up red Golf Cart surrounded by tall pines
The bride and groom face each other holding hands on the edge of a deck with a stunning spanning view, and tall trees
A red barn in the background, and the bride being escorted by two young boys in bowties
The back of the bride, at the alter, with the groom looking intently at her
Green trees at the alter, with the groom holding a paper
The bride and groom walk away, holding hands, through a bright green field, green trees, and light blue sky
The bride dances with her father as guests form a large circle around them outside
A sparse and beautiful glass vase all white flowers, a small white candle, a pale tablecloth and colorful background
A young red head girl wraps around her father, in a blue suit, under a night sky
The groomsman adjusts the groom's bowtie, as he smiles
The bride looks over her left shoulder, with a white headband, in front of a cluster of white hydrangea
The bride holds up champagne, with bridesmaids in matching silk pajamas
The bride is walked down a grassy aisle to the altar, escorted by her father
The bride, groom, and winter, under a pagoda with white chiffon fabric
The bride and groom lift their arms in celebration walking back from the altar in a grey room
The bride and groom cross arms while feeding each other cake, near a three layer white cake
The bride and groom are lifted on chairs on the dance floor at the reception
The bride's dress spins in a circle as she lights up a dark dance floor
The bride, groom, and guests wear sunglasses as they dance at the reception
The bride walks arm and arm with her groom in her wedding dress on a paved path
The bride and groom face each other holding hands, with the grooms in blue suits
An older bride and groom happily hold hands while walking toward the camera
The groom holds his bride close on the dance floor in a tent with white twinkling lights
The bride joins the band, joyfully playing a red tambourine
A woman in a grey dress shows her best dance moves surrounded by guests
A man in a blue suit kicks up his leg dancing at the reception
The groom glances at his bride, holding a colorful bouquet, in the forest
A cropped image of a giant colorful handheld bouquet in front of her white lace dress
The bride and groom hold hands while walking forward down a grassy path
The bride and groom appear small in the foreground with a vast mountainous scene
The bride's dress flairs out as the groom spins her on the dance floor at the reception
A colorful scene with many happy dancers surrounding the bride in dresses
A dark sky with a large white tent, twinkling purple lights and people dancing
The bride sits on the edge of a white bed, in a long sleeved lace dress, putting her shoe on
The bride and groom step down a grassy wooded aisle with guests and a large mountainous view
A wooden pagoda, with a mountain view, bride and groom saying vowsride annd groom
An overhead view of mountains, guests, and bride and groom under a wooden pagoda
The bride and groom hold hands walking forward on the edge of a white fence
The bride and groom hold hands walking forward with a white fence and mountains in the background
The bride and groom smile facing each other holding hands on a long metal bridge with greenery
A woman in a red dress smiles under an umbrella at the wedding service
A bride puts her hands on her hip at the altar as the groom reads his vows
The bride and groom are in stark contrast to the large artistic yellow and blue feathered wall
The two brides in white dresses smilie in the mirror before the ceremony
Two brides in floor length white dresses with colorful bouquets on the edge of fall hills
Two brides embrace an elder woman dressed in red
A distance shot over the guests as the two brides stand at the altar under the wooden pagoda
The brides are holding each other and laughing to their guest at the altar
The two brides share a kiss at the altar under the pagoda surrounded by white hydrangea flowers
Two brides walk down the aisle after the ceremony through happy guests
The two brides are hand in hand on the large wooden dance floor
The bride's dress in in a full circle as she spins on the dance floor at her reception
The bride and groom lock arms walking forward through empty wooden pews and tall wooden walls
The brides look jovial surrounded by guests with sparkler fireworks at the reception
A stained glass window depicting Jesus and his apostles
The bride and groom in the foreground, with the church pews and guests in the background
Soft light on the bride and groom as they walk out arched doors into a street hand in hand
A wide shot of a large red barn with the bride and groom looking small on the left, veil blowing in the wind
The bride and groom hold hands while walking away through a metal gate to a green field
The groom shares a special moment seated at a small table, holding her grandfather's hands
The bride and groom smile while walking through green hedges, with small red flowers along the bottom
A wide shot of a very large white estate with the bride and groom walking toward it
The bride smiles at the groom as they share their first dance at the reception
A strapless wedding dress is hung by a hanger in the middle or ornate white room with gold details
A wide hall with white walls if filled with a line of groomsmen dressed in dark suits
A black and white image, from behind, of the bride adjusting her earring in the mirror
The bride and groom share a glimpse in a large empty write room with delicate flower details
The bride and groom, followed by the bridal party, walking forward down the hall
The bride and groom stand with their bridal party in front of a large brick industrial building
A long shot of a wooden table with white linens, place settings with lavender accents
A close up shot of the bride's, with a snake tattoo, holding her new husband's hands, with delicate ropes wrapped
A wide shot of a white room with large chandeliers, and the bride and groom at the altar
A black and white image of the bride and groom in a den with leather couches before the ceremony
The groom smiles as the bride holds hands up entering their reception
A woman holding a microphone and a small notebook gives the bride a side hug after her speech
The bride and groom hold each other close during their first dance, with twinkling lights
The white lace wedding dress is hung in an antique looking room with white and light blue accents
An overhead black and white shot through a glass doorway of the bride getting ready with her mother
The bride has her train long in front of a lit castle, holding her groom's hands
Two young girls stand in ornate pink fluffy dresses with matching headbands in a dark wooden room
A shot from above of a 3 layer white cake with red rose pedals dripping down one side
An arial shot of a large wooden room, the bride and groom, and guests
An aerial shot if the bride and guests spaced out dancing on a wooden dance floor
The bride and groom in the foreground, and a purple lit castle wall, tall, behind them
The bride's dress spins in a circle on the dance floor surrounded by the groom, and guests